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Words make you wealthy. 

Marketing should always (yes, always) propel your business closer to your goals. My mission is to achieve your business goals through marketing writing and communication.

Writing is your secret sales weapon and the number one way to connect with your website visitors. It’s the powershift that transforms you from a business trying to sell something, to a trusted friend who “gets it.” It’s this emotional connection that shifts your website visitors into paying clients. When your market knows, likes and trusts you - they WILL buy from you.  

Content marketing and writing to build your brand, maximize your reach and power up your profits. 

You know how to write, right? So the burning question is... why do you need a marketing writer? Here's why clients just like you (who know how to write!) hire me...
  • Time is money! Any true professional knows that time is extremely valuable. To use it wisely, you have to spend it on income generating activities and outsource the other tasks to qualified professionals. If you're like most of my clients, you don't work as a marketing writer, you're an expert in another field. Finding the time to develop your marketing strategy and create content to support it?! It will always end up being the last item on your to-do list. 
  • Writing about yourself and your business is challenging! This holds true for marketers too. We tend to use industry terms and jargon, without realizing that our market doesn't speak like us or (gasp!) even understand the terms we use. Would you buy from someone you can't understand? Nope! I never start writing without thoroughly researching your market first and figuring out how to position your business as a clear-cut solution to your clients' problems.
  • You're not sure where to start or how to persuade. Writing to persuade and motivate isn't easy. Add to that the challenge of getting your visitor to contact you, ensuring every page has a call-to-action, writing with personality while staying true to your brand and exciting your visitors through benefit-oriented copy...it's all a bit daunting when you don't do it every day. 
  • You need a plan, Stan! Many times clients contact me without knowing exactly what they need. They have goals and a vision of what they want online marketing to do for them, but they don't know how to get there. Online marketing is a beast and it's easy to get overwhelmed. We'll get you on the right track, in position to achieve your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Website Content

Content marketing for conversion or branding...you choose! 

Lead Magnets

Boost your email list with an offer your visitors won't ignore. 

Blogging for SEO

The most effective strategy for long-term Google success.

Email Marketing

Clever, consistent emails to ensure your audience keeps you top of mind, all the time. 

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Bios / About Pages

Standout online with a compelling "About" page or professional bio.

Social Content

Branding strategy and writing for your social media channels. 

Alphalegal Listings

Showcase your law firm's strengths to your target market. 

Print Marketing

Brochures, leave behinds, direct mail and more.


Wave goodbye to grammatical errors and say hello to enhanced readability. 


Easy-to-implement tips to increase effectiveness of your marketing.

Advertising Campaigns

Your products and services - SOLD.

Landing Pages

Laser focus marketing on one product or service.