Website Content

Stop spending money on your website and start profiting from it. 

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Is your website a desirable VIP invitation or a dusty ol' digital business card? 

If you're unsure, read on...

VIP invitation: Highly engaging website that blends creative, customer-focused content with responsive design. Invites your target market to listen through conversational language and benefit-oriented copy. The objective of your site is to show your clients how your business solves their problems and provides the best solution to their challenges. 

Result: Your website visitors can’t wait to RSVP.  They "click" on your "contact me" button, happily subscribe to your list and eagerly check out your social channels. 

Dusty ol' digital business card: You can typically determine if your website is a glorified business card by scanning it for the words "we" and "our" (I'll wait). The more "you" centered content on your website, the less likely it is to resonate with your visitors. Compelling content starts with focusing on your customers first and your business second. Remember...the customer is the hero. Show them how important they are by addressing their challenges and appealing to their emotions. 

Result: Visitors know nothing more about your business. Instead of feeling "invited" they get the sense that you're one of those people. The ones that go on and on, without allowing you to get a word in edgewise.

NOTE: If your website is the latter, it's not your fault. Writing about yourself in a way that's not "you" focused, is incredibly challenging.

Customer-centric, benefit-oriented copy is the most effective way to transform your website visitors into paying clients. 

When you hire me to write your website content, you get:  

  • Action: Want your visitors to fill out your contact form, pick up the phone and call you or give you their email address? You got it!
  • Powerful persuasion. Through intense research, I figure out what matters most to your market and use that to connect with them emotionally, establish authority & build trust. These are the real reasons people buy.
  • Words that work & make you wealthy. Here’s where the “r” word comes in again. Research is the key to understanding & engaging your audience. I talk to them in their language so they know, like and trust you.

  • Simple tips and tricks.  Attract your audience, gain new followers, boost SEO and increase conversion.  
Whether you need one page of content, an entire site overhaul or a brand new website from scratch, I can help. Invite your visitors, VIP style with customer-centric content that speaks their language.